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Picasso vase

Picasso vase

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Discover the Picasso vase, a captivating piece from the AFRIKAYA capsule that draws its inspiration from Cubism, an innovative artistic movement with roots in Africa. This vase embodies the artistic fusion between Cubist aesthetics and African influences, creating a work that transcends cultural boundaries.

Carefully crafted, this vase is distinguished by its bold geometric shapes and elegant lines, recalling the characteristics of cubism. Every detail testifies to the talent of the artisans who shaped it, bringing a contemporary and artistic touch to your space.

The Picasso vase is much more than a simple decorative object. It evokes the spirit of Cubism, an artistic movement that finds its roots in African tribal arts. Add a piece of artistic and cultural history to your home with this exceptional vase, creating a link between past and present.

Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: height 30cm
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