As a mission-driven sustainable online concept store offering fashion, beauty, and home products, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact internally and presenting you with only truly committed and responsible brands. We believe that sustainability is crucial for the future.

Our commitments are based on two key areas:

Minimizing our internal environmental impact

to align our operations with our mission, vison and values.

We are therefore taking concrete measures to:

  • Reduce our energy consumption
  • Reduce our water consumption
  • Reduce our waste
  • Encourage the eco-mobility of our employees
  • Have an eco-friendly web host
  • Eliminate air travel for trips equivalent to 4 hours by train or less

Our areas for improvement are:

  • Reduce the impact of our digital use
  • Eco-design our website homepage

A rigorous selection of our partners

so that our users can buy with confidence:

We offer a selection of brands whose design, production, delivery and/or end-of-life processes are designed according to their social, ecological and economic impacts and benefits.

This is why we have established a list of strict selection criteria which includes 12 sustainable values, including four mandatory commitments:

  • Products must be cruelty-free.
  • The working conditions of the brand's suppliers and employees must be fair and ethical.
  • The brand must be in an eco-friendly dynamic.
  • The brand must be transparent.
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Our values

Our values ​​are our selection criteria.

On each of our product sheets, you will find the icons that correspond to them. This means that the product does indeed hold this value.

shop according to your values!