Upcycled silk night cap ▪︎ LVMH

Upcycled silk night cap ▪︎ LVMH

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Color: Powder pink • 24 mommes (LVMH)
Size: S/M (54 to 58cm head circumference)
Organic cotton washing net: Without

Eco-responsible luxury!

This beautiful double-layered upcycled mulberry silk night cap protects your hair while you sleep. It prevents friction against the pillow and breakage while allowing your hairstyle and curls to stay in place. Convenient to take with you everywhere!

Thanks to the numerous amino acids that silk contains, it helps maintain hair hydration while preventing frizz.

A more ethical choice because by using existing silk, we avoid producing new one with conventional production methods that are not respectful of silkworms.

Features :

  • 100% upcycled Italian mulberry silk - haute couture quality
  • Origin: fashion houses of the LVMH group
  • Good density of 25 mommes
  • Strong, stretchy plastic-free elastic
  • Invisible hand closure
  •  Made with care in Paris
  • Size: ~32cm in diameter when flat

To measure your head circumference, pass a flexible tape measure a few centimeters above the eyebrows for the front of the head and at the level of the bump at the back of the head.

Maintenance tips :

Wash your silk hat gently by hand or in the machine at 30° with soap-free detergent. The washing net is strongly recommended to avoid friction and thus preserve the quality of the fiber.

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♻️ Upcycling is an eco-responsible approach, which promotes the ends of coupons to transform them into products of higher quality and utility. In addition to avoiding waste, it does not require the production of new resources. Composition : • Upcycled mulberry silk • Natural latex and organic cotton elastic • 100% recycled satin label
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Color: Powder pink • 24 mommes (LVMH)
Size: S/M (54 to 58cm head circumference)
Organic cotton washing net: Without

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