Alwan rug

Alwan rug

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Size: 100cm x 150cm

Immerse yourself in the vibrancy and vibrancy of our Berber rug, an enchanting piece that expertly blends an explosion of African-influenced color with captivating artistic forms. Handcrafted, this Berber rug embodies the very essence of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, seamlessly fusing tribal and geometric patterns with vibrant hues inspired by rich African heritage.

Shimmering colors, drawing from the vibrant palette of Africa, transform every inch of this rug into a visual work of art. The patterns, sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, tell a story of cultural authenticity and artisanal creativity.

This versatile Berber rug is not simply an element of floor decoration, but rather a dynamic expression of African identity. Every detail, every nuance, evokes the energy and diversity of this captivating continent. Add a cultural and artistic dimension to your interior with our Berber rug, a visual celebration of colors and shapes that transport the soul to inspiring African horizons.

Material: 100% handmade wool

✨ Due to its artisanal production , different from mass-produced products, this item proudly displays its small imperfections and color variations which fully contribute to its history. These unique traits only accentuate its charm, beauty and value.

☘️ Each rug is carefully crafted , and the Production is launched as you make your purchases. This may lead to more or less long delays, but we believe that patience is the key to having something truly special . And believe us, our unique pieces are worth it.

The manufacturing and delivery time to your home is estimated between 3 and 5 weeks

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Size: 100cm x 150cm

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