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Carrot Oil – Caribbean Carrot

Carrot Oil – Caribbean Carrot

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Caribbean carrot comes to the rescue to brighten up your days and your hair!

Best ally for a tanned and orange complexion, it is soft, raw and natural, as usual.

His particuliarity ? Its carrots are unsold organic ones due to their shapes and colors considered “atypical”.

At Mira, no waste, no transformation, no judgment.

The organic carrots come from the Ardennes, produced by Pascal, and we collected, cut and dried them in-house.

The maceration to obtain the oil is also done internally, in our workshop.

For an incomparable and controlled result.

A cocktail of vitamin A and fatty acids which makes it an anti-oxidant, nourishing, protective and healing oil.

Vitamin A (or commonly called beta-carotene) is known to fight against skin aging, helps with healing and gives an orange color.

On the hair as well as on the skin, before exposure to the sun as well as throughout the year, it is versatile.

To use alone or in a mixture, opt for carrot oil for a healthy glow all year round!

The oil used for maceration is organic sunflower oil (from the Ardennes, 8km from our workshop), rich in omega-6.

The bottle is always made of glass, the pipette made of bamboo, in a 50ml format.

All our products are made from products of natural origin, here the carrot oil is made from organic carrots macerated in sunflower oil. Our packaging is also eco-responsible, here with a glass and bamboo dropper bottle.
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