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Zanafi Berber cushion

Zanafi Berber cushion

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The Zanafi cushion embodies the distinctive aesthetic of the Zanafi style, offering an elegant fusion of tradition and modernity. This cushion is characterized by very recognizable graphic patterns, mainly in black and white, sometimes with shades of gray, offering a neutral and versatile palette that fits harmoniously into contemporary decors.

Inspired by the Zanafi/Kilim rug, the Zanafi cushion maintains the unique design of this style. Although the fabric can be relatively thin, it offers an interesting texture and graphic aesthetic that sets it apart. This cushion brings a touch of character to your space, and although not as thick as some other traditional styles, it makes up for it with its distinctive look and perfect fit with contemporary decor.

Materials: wool, 100% handmade

Colors: black and white

Size: 60x40cm

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